Job Interviews…a whole new ball game

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#MisterTaquito proofreading my work

A long time but in this galaxy,  I would take my beloved printed portfolio, resume and business cards for a job interview.   While my interviewer was reviewing my pieces I would talk about them, the process and myself.  It was like telling a story in an easy flow that would lead to my rates and when could I start.

Last December, when I told my sister (also a graphic designer but 16 years younger) that I needed to buy a new portfolio since mine was so old it looked like Indiana Jones’s satchel bag, she asked me what for. Your portfolio is supposed to be online, you don’t take anything to your interviews not even your resume; you will send that ahead, she said.

What?  I honestly felt like she told me I have to go naked.  Go to an interview without my printed pieces, my book?  Have them online instead?  So they already know me and know my history beforehand? Yep, the naked feeling came back again.

Here we go again,  another lesson to be learned. I read a few articles about what to do and what not to do in an interview and set out for the adventure.  Between you and me I thought I was ready…je-je.

And off I went to two interviews recently.  I really liked the offices, projects and people that worked there.  I had butterflies in my stomach which was great because I haven’t felt like that in…okey maybe I should’t say how long. One of the firms called me back to work freelance to which I am very grateful and looking forward to working and learning new things with them.

But let me tell you, those interviews were a whole different thing.  It was a conversation about what they do and me (in my mind I was looking for my printed portfolio).  So we started talking, nice conversation and ta-da it came the question that got me tongue tied (a first)…How can you improve my brand?  It was the first question in all the articles I read.  I did research the companies I was visiting so I knew their proyects. I knew this! In my mind an array of answers kept tripping against one another: creative, hard worker, love to learn new things, loyal, responsible and I would defend your brand like a viking warrior (okey maybe I shouldn’t say this one)… but how to explain all that to someone that doesn’t know me in complete clear sentences ?

I took a breath, smiled and very slowly started to say what I was thinking (not the viking part of course); maybe I sounded like I was reciting…well  I did, but it got me through it.  When I got into my car I was laughing at my ga-ga moment and told myself…there, you got tongued tied, but it’s done.

My beloved idol, Bruce Lee said “Learning is a constant process of discovery and never a concluding one”.  How great is that? And so true. So maybe this question won’t get me tongued tied on my next interview, but honestly I can’t wait to see what will.  It’s a process right?