After Hurricane María


Hurricane María took a big toll on the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce (PRCC). They had to let go of more than half the staff and I was among them. What had been my home, my family, the place where I grew up as a professional and as a team player for over twenty years now belonged in the past.

No electricity, no safe running water, scarce supplies and now being unnemployed felt like swimming against the current. I thought of my favorite fish, the Koi that perserveres and even swims upstream to get where it needs to go so I tackled this new challenge as I tackled every project: I did my research and got to work.

Even though this has been the hardest project for me so far…it has been the most fun. I compiled my work into different categories so you may see what I could do as a designer and what I can bring to your team. View my Work.


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